Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.1 Update

We are pleased to announce the imminent release of Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.1, featuring the following enhancements and bug fixes:

Important: The file to open the app is now named Infinity (previously Hit’n’Mix).


  • Can now be opened with a sample by another app (e.g. a DAW)
  • File > Update Source added to save Rip back to source track for updating in DAW
  • File>Save Copy… added for creating copies of current Rip in the RipList
  • Export and Save Copy Rip/RipCut menu items now only available from File menu
  • Support for ripping 32-bit wav files
  • Checks valid wav format before sending to Ripper


  • Windows: ASIO driver support & set playback device from File > Audio Devices
  • macOS: Set playback device from Infinity > Preferences…


  • Fixed Single Note and Chord Ripping mode pitch recognition and distorted playback bug
  • Less gaps in difficult notes in all Ripping modes

User Interface

  • Can now zoom in on pitch using Shift+Mouse Wheel. Zoom out and then back in again to choose another pitch range
  • Playback button replaced by toolbar transport, including rewind to start, forward to next bar and repeat toggle buttons.
  • Independent time zoom for each Rip/RipCut
  • Can now rename fixed Ripper instruments
  •  (X) button added to effects to allow removal of them (except Shift Formant where original status is not available)
  • Percussion frequency range now shown at bottom left when hovered
  • Improved detection of ends of selected notes for resizing, especially where there is a combination of notes and percussion
  • Can now resize using ends of individual notes within a selection
  • Home/End key on Windows now scrolls to start/end time of rip rather than note
  • Can now set the Time Signature for a RipCut from its menu
  • Fixed issue with stripy 4k rendering of notes on Windows
  • Windows: Fixed issue with Windows displaying ‘Not Responding’ message and loss of taskbar icon during time consuming operations where progress bar updated


  • Added Tempo Info and Set Tempo RipScripts
  • Instrument Palette now supports pipetting notes grouped with accompanying percussion sounds
  • Note Editor now includes Adjust Level mode
  • Note Editor now has a time zoom slider
  • Windows: Fixed issue with Windows displaying ‘Not Responding’ message and loss of taskbar icon during time consuming RipScripts where progress bar updated
  • macOS: Fixed issue with multiple ‘Playing Note’ RipCuts appearing when doing repetitive fast Note Editor playback
  • Fixed Chord Creator stopping when beginning work on a note in a different Rip
  • Fixed Audioshop adding very high or low notes with incorrect glitchy pitches
  • Instrument Palette now reports when Primary palette deleted rather than stopping
  • API changes:
  • Main object now infinity instead of hitnmix (although still works with hitnmix)
  • Rip.bar_at() returns bar at a given time in Rip
  • Rip.time_signature returns the time signature of the Rip
  • Note.grouped_notes returns a NoteGroup of notes grouped with the Note
  • Infinity.license returns license string


  • Added standard menu items to interactive help and improved descriptions in general
  • Essential Reading document updates including how to use with DAWs and improved descriptions

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