Magnetic mag – June 2023

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“This software might be the single studio tool that flips the sampling game

“While the past few years have seen an exponential rise in different stem-extracting plugins and websites, most of these plugins always seem to be a “step in the right direction” instead of being the “promised land of sampling” they all claim to be. But all of that might have changed with Hit’n’Mix’s latest edition of their stem-extracting software, known as DeepCreate.”

RipX’s DeepCreate version is unique, enabling users to bake audio edits and effects into individual waveforms in real-time, turning it into an experimental playground for audio manipulation.”

“A bird’s eye view of this app will say it’s a game changer. And I don’t mean to hyperbolize that, I was astonished by what you could do with this app. But with the amount underneath its hood, it would take a short novel to uncover everything there is to write home about with this.”

“Because the app allows you to extract single stems and larger busses from mixes for you to edit and alter for your use, which has the potential to ultimately turn any piece of recorded music into a unique sound source for your music instead of just a standard sample.”

“RipX is a powerful audio editing tool capable of producing professional results with its advanced features and unique approach to sound manipulation. I’ve never been more inspired to crate dig for unique sound sources in the decade I’ve been producing music for.”

This software forces you to think differently and approach your samples in a fresh and new way, which can create some exciting moments and happy accidents when you’re experimenting.”

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