Audioshop®, a groundbreaking tool included with Infinity, makes reworking audio feel as natural as retouching a photo.

This means you can clone, paint, erase, pattern and blend audio, all using sound and brush settings from an Instrument Palette.

Tools included

Brush Tool – Use with the Instrument Palette to paint notes: Choose an instrument and brush & fade duration.  A selection of instrument samples is included with Infinity and you can add your own from individual notes. 

Clone Tool – Clone characteristics such as pitch variation (e.g. Legato), timbre & formant of a chosen note and apply to others.

Remove Timbre Tool – Remove the timbre (sound) of a chosen note from other notes.  Or do the opposite and keep only that timbre. 

Pattern Tool – Apply fluctuations in pitch, formant, volume, and panning to selected notes. For example, add realistic pitch and amplitude vibratos.

Blend Tool – Blend together the pitch, formant, timbre, volume and/or stereo panning of notes by clicking & dragging over them.

Clean Phase – Remove artifacts from selected notes by recalculating phase.

Volume Mapper – Apply fades and custom volume envelopes to notes.

Note Editor – View the harmonics of a note and edit them in different ways. Use the Edit Mode combo box to choose one of many editing algorithms. Use in conjunction with the Instrument Palette to set the level, brush size, fade and so on.

Edit the individual harmonics and amplitudes of notes with Note Editor and Instrument Palette