Infinity Audio Editor

Note-based Infinity Audio Editor

Infinity audio editor showcases the TrueSource source separation engine, splitting full mix tracks into individual, fully adjustable and deeply detailed notes & percussion.

Access and manipulate with surgical precision the harmonics, frequencies, amplitudes, phase and panning that characterize notes and percussion, following source separation

Audioshop Editing Tools

Groundbreaking tools like Audioshop make reworking audio feel as natural as retouching a photo – sound and vision become one.

This means you can clone, paint, erase, pattern and blend audio, all using sound and brush settings from the Instrument Palette.

Includes innovative tools such as Audioshop, Draw Pitch, Infinity Scale and Chord Creator
Edit the individual harmonics of notes in high definition with Note Editor and Instrument Palette

Discover New Creative Ideas

  • Vocal Transplanting – replacing an instrumental phrase with a vocal phrase that has the exact same pitches & timing
  • Creating Timbral Fades – fading a note between two instruments
  • Building suspense with Infinite Glissando
Sample, paint and manipulate audio in a highly visual, responsive and tactile note-based environment


Audioshop, Note Editor and Volume Mapper are all RipScripts. These are based on the easy and popular Python 3 programming language. You can extend Infinity’s capabilities by writing your own, or even by adapting the included ones, with the built-in RipScript Editor.

What’s more, templates, auto-completion and pop-up descriptions of functions are provided. Not only do these streamline development, but they make it easy for beginners to jump right in too.

Write your own RipScripts and download other users’ creations to extend Infinity without limit