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Hit'n'Mix Feature on BBC! Editors' Rating

5 stars  Spectacular

"It rips up and lays out your MP3 and CD tracks so you can mash and mix them up in new and dazzlingly brilliant beats -- and since it's free, there's no stopping you from practicing and perfecting your art." 4.5/5.0

"Hit'n'Mix comes packed with a decent suite of features for helping you mix your audio files in detail, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike."


PC Utilities Magazine 82%


"It’s hard not to be impressed with the way in which Hit‘n’Mix can be used to create mash-up tracks and chop and change your existing audio tracks in various creative ways."

"The interface is a wonderfully fluid and rich one – if only iTunes had visualisations this good."



PC Plus Magazine


"Every aspiring remixer has dreamed of this software.  Plug mixed music - an MP3, a CD Track, a WAV file - in one end, watch as it's broken into its component parts (complete with unnecessarily flashy graphical effects), then muck about with the track's individual instruments to you hearts content."

June 26th 2018

Hit'n'Mix 3 Is Here!

Hit'n'Mix Ltd is pleased to announce the release of Hit'n'Mix 3. Improvements include:

  • Superior note recognition and high quality sound following edits.

  • Percussion sounds now adjustable in the same way as other notes (so it's easy to change their duration).

  • Be creative in Hit'n'Mix 3 whilst multiple Rips are simultaneously* created from MP3s and CD tracks. *Depends on number of processor cores.

  • Rips are placed in RipLists.

  • LoopBuilder makes it quick and easy to create mash-ups by looping selections from different Rips.

  • Collect snippets of favorite melodies or rhythms from Rips as RipCuts.

  • Apply new and improved effects such as reverb and note clean-up to selections.

  • Interactive Help feature allows quick mastery of Hit'n'Mix 3's powerful features.

The free download creates & allows editing of tracks up to 45 seconds long, and can playback full length Rip files. An activation code can be purchased that enables the creation and editing of full length tracks.

Existing owners of Hit'n'Mix 1 & 2 can head straight to the Downloads page and activate during installation for FREE by using their version 1/2 serial numbers.


December 2nd 2010

New Rip (.rip) Audio File Format Announced

Hit'n'Mix Ltd is pleased to announce the revolutionary Rip (.rip) audio file format.

Rip files do not contain the usual waveform data found in .wavs and MP3s. Instead they contain all the information necessary to recreate (or resynthesize) this data.

The work of the engine behind Hit'n'Mix is to magically separate all of the individual sound waves that make up each note in a full audio mix and store their amplitude and frequency descriptions.

To play a Rip file (or convert it back to, say, MP3) the playback engine resynthesizes the sound waves at a resolution necessary for it to be indistinguishable from the original.

To change the position, pitch or ANY other aspect of a note, the frequency or amplitude descriptions of a note are adjusted (possible down to a resolution of milliseconds) and the result is heard when the playback engine puts it all back together again.

Because a full audio mix is generally made up of noise as well as simple sound waves, the noise is also separated and stored. The playback engine overlays the noise on the note waveforms, and if the Rip has not been edited, the final waveform will match the original one - it has been ripped apart and put back together again.

The separated noise can also be filtered, so anything unwanted can be removed quickly without upsetting the notes.

Stereo waveforms are analyzed to store variable stereo positioning information for each note. Changing the positioning information (even if the original was mono) causes the playback engine to make the note play more loudly/quietly out of each speaker.

Hit'n'Mix Ltd is making available the RipCut SDK for developers to convert, edit and play back Rip files. Please contact for more information.

Hit'n'Mix Ltd is an entertainment software and technology company founded in 2009 and based in London, United Kingdom. The company was set up to develop and promote its debut title, Hit'n'Mix. Hit'n'Mix Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Neuratron Group Ltd which also owns Neuratron Ltd, developer of professional music recognition software such as PhotoScore Ultimate and AudioScore Ultimate.