Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I find Hit'n'Mix takes a long time to process my audio tracks. What can I do?

A: The process of breaking down a full track is extremely complex and hugely benefits from faster processors with more cores.
Hit'n'Mix will make the most of the number of cores your computer's processor has (e.g. 4- or quad- core). And especially if they are Hyper-Threading (HT), you will see tracks ripped at several times the speed of, for example, a 2- or dual- core processor with no HT. Faster processor clock-speed also makes a lot of difference. For example a 4 GHz processor can rip a track in up to half the time of a 2 GHz processor.

Q: I find vocals sometimes sound odd when played back by themselves. I also find that sound quality can be reduced when removing percussion from a song with singing. What can I do about this?

A: Vocals contain high-frequency sounds such as the consonants 'sss', fff', 't' which end up in high percussion notes in Hit'n'Mix.
It is possible to split the percussion notes and copy out/remove these sounds. Setting them to Voice in the Instrument panel also makes these easier to manage.

Q: I find Hit'n'Mix sometimes marks notes with the wrong instrument. What can I do?

A: Recognizing the correct instrument for a note is a difficult problem to solve, and we are continually improving our algorithms.
In the meantime you can select notes, then click the correct instrument name to set them accordingly.

Q: Can I use the Hit'n'Mix visuals in my YouTube™ (or other) videos?

A: Yes - although we kindly ask that you follow a few conditions:
Importantly, you must be the copyright owner of the music or have obtained permission from the copyright owner of the music to use their work in this way. 
Additionally, the video must display at least 3 seconds of the Hit'n'Mix logo located at the bottom-right of the Hit'n'Mix window.
Finally you need to add the following text to the video description:
"Hit'n'Mix visuals included by kind permission of Hit'n'Mix Ltd. Visit to find out more."
Please note that you will need a separate video capture program in order to record the Hit'n'Mix visuals in a suitable file format.


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