Watch our selection of helpful tutorial videos which not only teach you how to create the perfect remix or mashup song and remove sound, but also Remix, Repair & Redesign audio files in all kinds of ways, plus edit audio in video (video macOS only).

Create a Mashup Song or Remix

Using Hit’n’Mix Infinity with Pro Tools

‘Quick Fix’ Series Part 1 – Vocal & Instrument Tweaks

Audioshop® Tools

Editing Audio in Video

Hit’n’Mix Infinity Overview

The Ripping and Source Separation Process

Using Audio Alongside MIDI

Remove Sound

Detecting and Changing Scale/Key

Adding Natural Harmony

Adding Stereo Vocal Dialog

Infinity Scale

Using Instruments and Importing Samples

Easy Editing Essentials

Mashup Song & Remixing Introduction

AES 2019 – Sound On Sound Interview

“One of the most interesting bits of software I’ve seen for a long time”
Sam Inglis, Features Editor, Sound On Sound magazine

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