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“Earns its DAW designation as it’s much more than a mere tool for separating audio; it’s an instrument for sonic innovation.
Recording mag – May 2024

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RipX DAW PRO adds the award-winning Audioshop tools and Harmonic Editor for the most precise audio editing available to create an AI DAW with unlimited capabilities. Two further panels are also included: Repair for quickly cleaning up audio non-destructively; and RipScripts for writing custom tools

RipX DAW PRO comes with all of the features of RipX DAW, and then adds advanced stem clean-up and audio manipulation tools to the workflow so you can create the highest quality extracted audio, and tweak / create sound at unprecedented levels of detail.

RipX DAW PRO adds the following features and much more:

  • Award-winning Audioshop® tools for fixing and cleaning up recordings quickly and easily
  • Unpitched audio editor for cleaning up noise separately from pitched sounds
  • The powerful and unique Harmonic Editor for the ultimate in sound editing
  • RipScript scripting language for building and customizing your own tools

Experience unprecedented control over notes, harmonics and unpitched sound, all in a powerful and easy-to-use click & drag interface.

Audioshop® Sound Manipulation Tools

Electronic Musician

You can almost think of it as the Photoshop of the audio world.”
Electronic Musician

Powerfully & quickly adjust pitch, time-stretch, copy and paste individual or groups of notes, sibilants and unpitched sounds.
Edit Unpitched tool displays all unpitched sound spread over the entire Rip, from its top to its bottom. Click & drag to select a region of unpitched sound and edit it.
Draw notes, drums and samples onto your rip with the Draw Sound tool.
Use the Split tool to cut notes into sections for further editing.
Piece together notes so you can edit as one, with the Join tool.
Clone characteristics such as pitch variation (e.g. vibrato), sound (timbre with volume) & panning from one note to another, for example to duplicate a real instrumentalist’s playing style, with the Clone tool.
Make fine pitch adjustments and slides simply by clicking and dragging, with the Draw Pitch tool.
Add fluctuations in pitch, formant, volume, and panning to notes, using the Apply Pattern tool.
Blend together the pitch, formant, timbre, volume and/or stereo panning of notes by clicking & dragging over them, with the Smooth Region tool.

Harmonic Editor

This is no basic spectrum editor – these are the actual harmonics that describe the sound of a note, and Harmonic Editor allows complete control over them.

Perfect for removing noise, adjusting timbre and creating interesting new sounds.

Clean & Repair Audio

A first call tool for recovering dialog from noisy backgrounds.”
Charles Maynes – Multiple Emmy & Golden Reel Award-Winner

Live audio repair and clean-up features for removing background noise, limiting foreground artifacts, reducing tones & hum, and purifying pitched and unpitched sounds.

Adjust overtone levels in notes and even regenerate fundamental harmonics, to bring back bass presence in vocals and instruments, lost during mixing & mastering.

RipX DAW PRO For You

“The technology is miraculous.
It goes beyond any other software that I’m aware of for editing the component parts of a mixed audio file.”

Mix mag

Music Producers

Efficient workflow with major DAWs using the RipLink VST3/ARA2 & AudioSuite plug-in.
Unrivalled, easy access to unintended notes, sounds and noise that you may want to remove, or reuse/boost for effect (e.g. knocks, coughs, twangs, additional strings played, breath, bleed from other vocal parts, instruments & percussion) – especially useful where frequencies are close or overlap, making them difficult to access cleanly in a spectrum-based editor.
Edit/remove notes within polyphonic vocal, instrument & percussion recordings. The Draw Pitch functionality is especially useful when correcting/improving individual strings of a guitar. Also, adjust volume/panning of individual notes that might not have been hit consistently or, for example, to bring up only the bass notes.
Because the separation goes down to the harmonic level, it also means the tone of individual notes in a performance can be adjusted at the finest possible detail, and even be blended with other sounds.
The user-friendly, note-based interface makes for transparent pitch/time-based editing and effects, with instant visual feedback.
Add notes to a performance’s melody, and create chords using real notes from the same, or other performances. Tools provided allow them to be blended in naturally.
Natural sounding automatic pitch adjustment using Pitch To Scale, to the nearest semitone or any selected scale.
Clone vibrato and other pitch variations between notes.
Digitize and clean-up crackly vinyl.

DJs & Remixers

Clean up messy/noisy acapellas
Sample audio & dialogue that has significant noise (hum, wind, crowd etc)
Highest quality clean up tools
Digitize & clean up parts with vinyl crackle within vintage loops/samples
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Audio Post Professionals

Extract artifact-free dialogue from noisy footage.
Easy access to unintended notes, sounds and background/foreground noise that you may want to remove, or reuse/boost for effect (e.g. traffic, wind, fan hums, crowds, breaths, bleed from other voiceovers) – especially useful where frequencies are close or overlap, making them difficult to access cleanly in a spectrum-based editor.
Edit audio to video (macOS only).
Clean-up individual harmonics with surgical precision.

Sound Designers

Audio manipulation: Use Draw Pitch and other Audioshop Tools for interesting and original effects.
Use Harmonic Editor to create unique sounds from parts of others.
Use the Clone Pitch/Sound Tool to transfer audio attributes such as pitch and timbre from one sound to another.
For Foley sound replacement, select from the Sound panel.
Write RipScripts to programmatically adjust/generate original sounds, and even process audio using data files, such as generated by motion capture.

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