Recording mag – April 2024

Recording Magazine
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“Launching RipX DAW PRO for the first time is like stepping into a sonic laboratory.

“The program earns its DAW designation as now it is much more than a mere tool for separating oudio (which was still pretty impressive). lt now presents as a comprehensive audio editor with native effects processing and full editing capabilities. The learning curve quickly transforms into a journey of discovery.”

“RipX DAW PRO sets a high bar for audio separation software, carrying the torch possed down by its predecessor, RipX DeepAudio. lt’s not merely a tool; it’s an instrument for sonic innovalion. “

“Whether you’re a remix maestro, a sonic explorer, or someone seeking inspiration beyond the ordinary, RipX DAW PRO beckons, inviting you to explore the vast landscape of audio manipulation with unparalleled depth and creativity. “

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