Sound On Sound – May 2024

Try RipX DAW PRO Free For 21 Days

“In the world of DAWs, given both the workflow and feature set, RipX is somewhat unique. To misquote a well‑known line from Mr Spock, it’s a DAW, Jim, but not as we know it.”

“RipX DAW offers class-leading stem separation and intriguing audio editing/manipulation options, accessible via a somewhat unique workflow.”

“Some truly intriguing audio editing and music creation possibilities. As well as quality improvements, the stem separation process is now more efficient. Stem separation that’s as good as it gets.”

“Whether it’s to create a backing track so you can practice your vocal cover, or slow the tempo down on an isolated guitar stem to work out the impossibly fast solo, RipX’s rips are useful for much more than grabbing an acappella vocal.”

If creating remixes or musical mashups is your end goal, then the price of entry for RipX DAW may well be justified for this feature alone. However, the same capability is also an incredibly powerful educational tool.”

“While there would appear to be plenty of clever AI within the stem separation algorithms, this release sees Hit’n’Mix leaning into AI within a further element of RipX. Once broken down into stems, you can experiment with any or all of RipX’s audio or MIDI-based editing and manipulation tools to transform the AI generated original and craft it into your own musical idea.”

“If your preferred music creation process involves lots of sample manipulation, or creating new musical ideas from loops, the RipX DAW method provides an intriguing, unconventional, and somewhat unique way to explore that. In either of these contexts, RipX DAW is not really like any other audio application out there.”

“The PRO version adds some additional functionality. These options offer a number of additional corrective and creative possibilities for more advanced users. It’s also worth noting that the PRO version provides various ways to integrate it with a more conventional DAW, be that as an external editor or via the VST3, ARA2 and AU RipLink plug-in.”

“RipX DAW — in its standard or PRO versions — remains impressive, capable of standing its ground against any of the obvious competition.”

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