Remove Vocals, Extract Stems, Remix Songs with RipX DeepRemix
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  • Extract different parts/stems & isolate/remove vocals: Accurately split full-mix stereo files into voice, drums, sound effects, guitar, keyboard and other layers
  • Add to DJ sets, or perform or practise over
  • Quickly & easily adjust tempo, note pitch & duration, musical scale, stereo panning, volume and EQ levels
  • Add harmonies
  • Copy & paste parts between songs, even swap them
  • Automatically tune notes naturally to the nearest semitone, or a different musical scale
  • Apply powerful built-in live effects
  • Understand the music with intuitive, color-coded notes and sound, with instant visual feedback of pitch edits and effects
  • Add powerful built-in live effects
  • Apply randomization to effects and musical scale/key for inspiration
  • Drag & drop background images to set the mood
  • Create Ripples for the ultimate in live editing and experimentation
Remove Vocals, Fix Audio, Extract Stems, Remix Songs with RipX DeepAudio
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  • Includes DeepRemix, Plus All Of The Following Pro Features:
  • Tools For Producing Even Higher Quality Isolated Vocals, Drums, Instruments & Effects
  • Pro Tools, Studio One, Cubase, Nuendo, Reaper & Cakewalk Integration with the RipLink plug-in, or set As External Sample Editor for Ableton Live and Logic Pro
  • Audioshop® Creative & Repair Tools
  • Draw Fine Pitch Adjustments onto Individual Notes, even within Chords
  • Edit Unpitched Sound Independently From Pitched Notes & Audio
  • Harmonic Editor for Editing Timbre & Creating New/Combined Sounds
  • Live Audio Clean-Up & Repair
  • Clone Vibrato & Other Pitch Variations Between Notes
  • Chord Creator to Aid Creativity
  • Replace Instrument/Sound Of Notes
  • Clone Timbre & Other Attributes Between Notes
  • Draw & Add New Notes, Drums and Samples
  • Many More Included Tools & Effects
  • Even Create Your Own Powerful Tools
Remove Vocals, Drums, Create Stems and Remix songs with DeepRemix
DeepAudio Audio Manipulation
Remove vocals & extract stems for DJs and DAWs and remix songs

Remove vocals & split full-mix stereo MP3s, WAVs and most mainstream file formats into voice, drums, bass, keyboard, guitar, sound effects and other layers.

Export straight to WAV stems to add to your DJ set or to perform or practise over, or use DeepRemix‘s powerful remix software tools to take your music to the next level, copying and pasting parts between tracks and much more!

Audio is stored in Hit’n’Mix’s revolutionary Rip format, a step up from waveforms, enabling full control over all aspects of sound.

Mix your favorite parts together and have fun experimenting with different tempos, effects, pitches, scales, time-stretching, stereo panning (even on mono tracks), volume, and EQ.  Even create loops and edit them during playback to create new music in real-time.

Copy and paste parts from one track to another, automatically fitting the new tempo.

Audio effects

Apply powerful built-in live effects ranging from Reverse to Delay to Vibrato. Add Harmony to thicken out a vocal, Shift Formant to change the characteristics or apply a Low/High Pass filter for a different atmosphere.

For real inspiration, apply the Randomize effect, set a loop playing and DeepRemix will automatically create variations of the audio in what we call a Ripple. You can play back, edit and copy & paste audio from a Ripple to your working Rip, or even loop and edit it real-time to create further Ripples.

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Adding DeepAudio supercharges RipX with many professional music production, sound design, post production and remixing features.

Audioshop includes the following tools:

Powerfully, but easily, adjust pitch, time-stretch, copy and paste individual or groups of notes, sibilants and unpitched sounds.
Edit Unpitched tool displays all unpitched sound spread over the entire Rip, from its top to its bottom. Click & drag to select a region of unpitched sound and edit it.
Draw notes, drums and samples onto your rip with the Draw Sound tool.
Use the Split tool to cut notes into sections for further editing.
Piece together notes so you can edit as one, with the Join tool.
Quickly change the instrument playing notes, say from vocal to guitar, using the Replace Sound tool.
Clone characteristics such as pitch variation (e.g. vibrato), sound (timbre with volume) & panning from one note to another, for example to duplicate a real instrumentalist’s playing style, with the Clone tool.
Make fine pitch adjustments and slides simply by clicking and dragging, with the Draw Pitch tool.
Add fluctuations in pitch, formant, volume, and panning to notes, using the Apply Pattern tool.
Blend together the pitch, formant, timbre, volume and/or stereo panning of notes by clicking & dragging over them, with the Smooth Region tool.
Repairing Audio and Sound Design

The Harmonic Editor is no Spectrum Editor – these are the actual harmonics that describe the sound of a note, and Harmonic Editor allows complete control over them.

Perfect for removing noise, adjusting timbre and creating interesting new sounds.

You can also quickly remove background or foreground noise from selected notes and unpitched sound.

Most leading DAWs can open audio clips for editing with DeepAudio. RipLink plug-ins are installed so that it can be used from Pro Tools and DAWs that fully support VST / ARA v2.

For other DAWs, such as Logic Pro X, it is possible to work directly with RipX by setting it as the external sample editor, or by using general audio import and export methods.

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