“To misquote a well-known line from Mr Spock, it’s a DAW, Jim, but not as we know it.
“…includes stem separation that’s as good as it gets.“
Sound On Sound – May 2024

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The first of its kind AI DAW. Almost all functionality within RipX DAW is provided through simple-yet-powerful, intuitive and customizable panels

RipX DAW For You

Does a better job of audio separation than anything I’ve used.
Remixing entirely within RipX is not just productive; it’s a whole lot of fun.
Bedroom Producers Blog

Producers & Creators

Split stems from any loop/sample using AI and edit the Layers note by note
Create virtual instruments using any single sound extracted from a loop/sample/audio file
Humanize Generative AI Music by splitting apart sounds & creating new parts from the AI sounds
Access dozens of built in Sounds & Loops that can be played with Midi, or simply dragged/dropped and edited note by note
Replace any instrument/vocal part with another instrument
Print Audio to Midi to load a specific part into a VST of your choice
Add FX (delay, reverb etc) to an individual note within an instrument layer
Sample existing music with ease & endless customization
Change the level, EQ & panning of any instrument contained within an already mixed audio file, loop or sample

Musicians & Music Directors

Create backing tracks when stems aren’t available
Create vocal harmonies that didn’t exist in the original song to be used as backing tracks
Solo any part within a mixed audio file to learn it with ease
Ability to see specific chords & notes being played in a particular part
Mute any instrument in a mixed track (ie Drums) & play along without clutter
Print Audio to Midi to load a specific part onto a separate VST/Synth
Change tempo of a song to make learning parts easier

DJs & Remixers

Mix & match vocal, instrument, percussion and effects parts between different songs and layers, with revolutionary remix software
Create acapellas & change the key, scale and notes to fit in any other song
Extract and manipulate samples from within mixed and mastered stereo files
Copy/Paste any Layer or part of a song into another song to create instant mashups
Replace specific parts of a song with any other instrument
Export separated stems straight to WAVs to transfer onto a USB stick for mixing into a DJ set
Change Tempo & apply/randomize key
Create loops/samples out of a specific instrument within a mixed song
Transform old mono recordings to stereo.
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Students & Educators

Rip and separate MP3s and audio files into vocal, instrument and percussion parts, then view the individual notes of any part and practice against backing tracks
View chord & note charts for any instrument part within a song
Create backing tracks to practice to by muting/soloing any instruments within a song
Add harmonies to any vocal part with 1 click to hear & see what works and how

Our Technology & Features

In RipX DAW, audio is stored in Hit’n’Mix’s revolutionary Rip format, a giant step up from waveforms, enabling full control over all aspects of sound.

For example, you can mix your favorite parts together and have fun experimenting with different tempos, effects, pitches and keys/scales. You can time-stretch, and adjust the stereo panning (including on mono tracks), volume, and EQ.  Even create loops and edit them during playback to create new music in real-time.

Copy and paste parts from one track to another, with tempo automatically matched.

Apply powerful built-in live effects ranging from Reverse to Delay to Vibrato. Add Harmony to thicken out a vocal, Shift Formant to change the characteristics or apply a Low/High Pass filter for a different atmosphere.

Changing a song's musical scale

To help get the right notes & chords, you can set the musical scale or key of the track – or click Detect and let RipX DAW work it out for you. Notes will snap to the pitches that are part of the scale as you change their pitch by clicking and dragging up/down.

Turn on Auto Pitch To Scale and RipX DAW automatically fits notes to the scale, whilst keeping it sounding natural.

The Randomize effect means you can set up a loop and hear sections of music played back in different scales – find the one that you like best.

Drop your own background image (PNG or JPEG) onto the rip to set the mood when creating music.

The possibility to extract sounds from a mixed recording is very tempting. As an inspiration source it works for sure.
Kruder & Dorfmeister

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