Bedroom Producers Blog – Nov 2021

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“I think RipX does a better job of audio separation than anything I’ve used. It’s, of course, thanks to the technology, but also thanks to how easy it is to use. I like the kind of audio playground feel it gives you where there are very few rules.

I liked the GUI straight away; it’s not a million miles away from Melodyne. Although, for me, it’s less clunky, more modern, and visually intuitive.”

“The intuitive nature of the GUI makes it easy to apply changes to the entire rip, individual stems, or defined sections by dragging the cursor to group elements together.”

“I like any software that provides valuable functions and helps people understand the process in a musical way, and RipX does that via plenty of color-coded visual feedback.”

DeepAudio provides more precise tools that allow you to create more pristine stems.”

“The Harmonic Editor takes you past pitch into editing timbre, which is impressively detailed.”

“It’s a no-brainer; whether you are working on a remix or adding stems to a live set (DJs), it’s a quick and easy way to grab a sample.”

“Remixing entirely within RipX is not just productive; it’s a whole lot of fun. Rip multiple songs and copy/paste elements from one into another, creating the ultimate mash-up; it’s super-easy.”

“Alternatively, if you do want to create accurate notation, isolating tracks is a great way to score multiple instruments. It’s a great way to learn specific parts, whether for yourself or as part of a band.”

“RipX could be a valuable tool for arranging, and it doesn’t have to be about creating a release-ready track. If you play in a band that regularly changes arrangements to stay fresh, RipX could make life easier. You could develop mock arrangements for your bandmates to learn that might be less prone to misinterpretation than charts.”

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