RipX DeepRemix

“Best quality vocals, highly musical, perfect for DJs.
Highly musical manipulation prior to export. Pretty incredible!
Attack mag – September 2021

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World’s leading audio separation & remix software that splits full-mix stereo MP3s, WAVs etc into vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments.

  • DJs: Add stems to your set, balancing vocals and instrumentals to create perfect moments.
  • Musicians: Learn individual parts & practice to a backing track.
  • Remixers: Copy & paste parts between tracks with automatically matched tempo, even change key.
  • Creators: Save audio as MIDI & control instruments within your favorite DAW.
Recording Magazine

“The best audio separation I have heard to date for sure.
Recording mag – October 2021

DeepRemix For You

For DJs
Export separated stems straight to WAVs to transfer onto a USB stick for mixing into a DJ set.
Save Stems files for Traktor DJ software, balancing vocals and instrumentals for the moment.
Change tempo and apply/randomize key.
Mix & match vocal, instrument, percussion and effects parts between different songs and layers.
Transform old mono recordings to stereo.
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For Musicians
Learn how to play your favorite tracks by playing back & seeing individual parts.
Change the tempo to make practice easier.
Create backing tracks to play along to.
Loop sections of music to help learn by ear through repetition.
Fade out the vocal and other instruments, keeping them just audible, to help perform in tune.
More About Practicing/Learning Instruments with RipX
For Remixers
Mix & match vocal, instrument, percussion and effects parts between different songs and layers, with revolutionary remix software.
Create acapellas.
Change tempo and apply/randomize key.
Extract and manipulate samples from within mixed and mastered stereo files.
Remove drums, bass and vocals that might be in the way of other vocals, instruments or percussion, especially if the track wasn’t recorded as separate stems.
Transform old mono recordings to stereo.
Read Blog “RipX DeepRemix For DJs & Remixers”
For Arrangers, Transcribers & Music Publishers
Extract and export parts as MIDI files to import into notation software.
Analyze notes for transcription. If you have a customer who wants a score that sounds as similar to an existing recording as possible, RipX can expose the subtle nuances.
Extract and delete vocal parts to create instrumentals from stereo masters for sync placement purposes, without needing to open a single, original multitrack DAW project.
Alter the structure of stereo files by deleting, copying and pasting sections within rips, as well as creating new sections.
For Songwriters
Experiment with music and samples to create new ideas and creations. For example, adjust tempo, effects, pitches, keys/scales and time stretch.
Use Set Musical Scale to analyze the existing key and set new keys. The Auto Pitch To Scale and Randomize options further enable creative experimentation.
For Students & Educators
Study compositions and performances of yourself or others. View the precise volume, timing and variation in pitch of each note over time and make subtle adjustments to hear the difference.
Rip and separate MP3s and audio files into vocal, instrument and percussion parts, then view the individual notes of any part and practice against backing tracks.
Create new versions of songs and compositions and import background images to match the feel of the music or for personalized inspiration.
Experiment with new sounds and effects.
Import samples or MIDI from existing works.
Experiment with polystylism and polytonality by applying different scales to selections of notes.

Does a better job of audio separation than anything I’ve used.
Remixing entirely within RipX is not just productive; it’s a whole lot of fun.
Bedroom Producers Blog – November 2021

Audio is stored in Hit’n’Mix’s revolutionary Rip format, a giant step up from waveforms, enabling full control over all aspects of sound.

For example, you can mix your favorite parts together and have fun experimenting with different tempos, effects, pitches and keys/scales. You can time-stretch, and adjust the stereo panning (including on mono tracks), volume, and EQ.  Even create loops and edit them during playback to create new music in real-time.

Copy and paste parts from one track to another, with tempo automatically matched.

Apply powerful built-in live effects ranging from Reverse to Delay to Vibrato. Add Harmony to thicken out a vocal, Shift Formant to change the characteristics or apply a Low/High Pass filter for a different atmosphere.

Changing a song's musical scale

To help get the right notes & chords, you can set the musical scale or key of the track – or click Detect and let RipX work it out for you. Notes will snap to the pitches that are part of the scale as you change their pitch by clicking and dragging up/down.

Turn on Auto Pitch To Scale and RipX automatically fits notes to the scale, whilst keeping it sounding natural.

The Randomize effect means you can set up a loop and hear sections of music played back in different scales – find the one that you like best.

Remix software with the right mood

Drop your own background image (PNG or JPEG) onto the rip to set the mood when creating music.

The possibility to extract sounds from a mixed recording is very tempting. As an inspiration source it works for sure.
Kruder & Dorfmeister

Try Free for 21 Days Buy RipX DeepRemix ($99) $69

Go Further with DeepCreate

Learn more about DeepCreate

Add on DeepCreate and be inspired to create original music with unique effects and boundless creativity.

With cutting-edge MIDI/MPE and audio recording, you can experiment with stems, sounds and samples in amazing new ways. A unique and powerful, innovative and intuitive audio system, inspiring you to generate original ideas and create new music.

Whether you’re a musician, producer or audio professional – DeepCreate is a cutting-edge audio playground where anything goes. Connect a microphone, instrument, hardware synth or turntable; rip your audio files and favorite VST synth presets; import and auto-assign banks of samples to your MIDI/MPE device; practice and record parts; perform or draw in automation; add groundbreaking, fluid effects, create combos of those effects, and much more.

Better yet – DeepCreate comes preloaded with a variety of hand-picked instruments, percussion, SFX and loops to get you started.

Go All The Way With DeepAudio

Learn more about DeepAudio

When you bolt on the DeepAudio module, RipX becomes supercharged!

Tools for producing even higher quality isolated vocals, drums, instruments & effects are included, such as the Harmonic & Unpitched Sound Editors and Noise Removal. Additionally, an extensive suite of creative options is provided.

Audioshop adds the power to draw in new notes sampled from another track, or the in-built sample library. You can clone timbre and pitch-changes between notes, change the instrument playing back, clean up foreground and background noise, make fine pitch adjustments and much more.

The Harmonic Editor provides unrivalled access to the harmonics of notes and presents sophisticated tools for sound design.

You can even write RipScripts, like your own sound processing or analysis tools, with full access to the fundamental building blocks of sound available with this pro remix software.

To top it all, the ‘RipLink’ Pro Tools AudioSuite, and VST3/ARA2 plug-ins provide seamless integration with DAWs like Pro Tools, Studio One, Cubase, Reaper & Cakewalk. Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, ACID Pro, Digital Performer & Mixcraft users can set RipX DeepAudio as the external sample editor.

MPSE Wavelength

With virtually no learning curveI was able to create usable stems within minutes that saved the mix.
Motion Picture Sound Editors Wavelength mag – Winter 2022

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