DeepCreate Overview

DeepCreate Quick Tutorial

Benn Jordan Gets Insane with DeepCreate

Music Repo’s Great Intro To RipX DeepRemix

Greg Hunter’s Great Intro To RipX DeepAudio

David Wallimann’s Guide To Isolating & Practicing Instruments

Case Study: UEFA The Players

66Samus’s Guide To Isolating & Practicing Drums

PresentDayProduction’s Guide To RipX

Dan Baker’s Great Intro To RipX DeepAudio

RipX DeepRemix Overview

RipX DeepAudio Overview

RipX DeepRemix Walkthrough

RipX DeepAudio Walkthrough

Creating a Mashup Song or Remix from Mixed Stereo Files

Using RipX DeepAudio with Pro Tools to Re-Create & Re-Fix Any Track

Using Audioshop® Tools to Deep-Audio Edit

DeepAudio Editing in Video

The Ripping and Source Separation Process

Using Audio Alongside MIDI

Detecting and Changing Scale/Key

Adding Natural Harmony

Vocal Editing

Infinity Scale

AES 2019 – Sound On Sound Interview

Blezz Beats Review – contains cursing

Tutorial: Swapping a Vocal

Tutorial: De-Essing Vocals

Tutorial: Remixing with Tempo & Pitch Correction

Tutorial: Isolating Bass From a Mix

Tutorial: Isolating Vocals From a Mix

Experimentation: Celtic Harp Processing Review

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