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Music Repo’s Great Intro To RipX DeepRemix

Dan Baker’s Great Intro To RipX DeepAudio

David Wallimann’s Guide To Isolating Instruments

PresentDayProduction’s Guide To Spaceworms

RipX DeepRemix Overview

RipX DeepAudio Overview

RipX DeepRemix Walkthrough

RipX DeepAudio Walkthrough

Creating a Mashup Song or Remix from Mixed Stereo Files

Using RipX DeepAudio with Pro Tools to Re-Create & Re-Fix Any Track

Using Audioshop® Tools to Deep-Audio Edit

DeepAudio Editing in Video

The Ripping and Source Separation Process

Using Audio Alongside MIDI

Detecting and Changing Scale/Key

Adding Natural Harmony

Vocal Editing

Infinity Scale

AES 2019 – Sound On Sound Interview

“One of the most interesting bits of software I’ve seen for a long time”
Sam Inglis, Features Editor, Sound On Sound magazine

Blezz Beats Review – contains cursing

Tutorial: Swapping a Vocal

Tutorial: De-Essing Vocals

Tutorial: Remixing with Tempo & Pitch Correction

Tutorial: Isolating Bass From a Mix

Tutorial: Isolating Vocals From a Mix

Experimentation: Celtic Harp Processing Review

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