Music Tech – Feb 2024

Try RipX DAW PRO Free For 21 Days

Once in a while, a product arrives that changes the scope of what is possible when working with audio. And though these tools often seem to appear from nowhere, they are, in reality, almost always the result of years of development. So it is with Hit’n’Mix’s RipX DAW, which has hit its stride in parallel with the current frenzy of interest in AI, even though in many cases machine learning is just as important a part of the technology behind how these things operate.”

Stunningly accurate stem and note separation.”

Unmix anything, then do whatever you want to it.”

Excellent repair and clean-up tools.”

Lots of real-world uses for different kinds of users.

Seriously affordable.”

“RipX DAW is a remarkable piece of software. With a 21-day free trial and a purchase price of just £98, it’s ludicrously accessible — especially considering this stuff has been the holy grail for remixers and sound designers for years. Although we have seen others make moves recently in the area of stem separation, notably FL Studio and Serato, the tools on offer here are on a different level.

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