The AI Musicpreneur – Feb 2024

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“No more peering at a cramped computer screen – with the new RipX DAW for Apple Vision Pro, music production is fully immersed in a virtual 3D space.”

“Hit’n’Mix, creators of the acclaimed AI-powered RipX DAW, is upping the ante on immersive music making once again. Their latest innovation transports the DAW experience beyond the traditional confines of laptop and headphones. With Apple’s cutting-edge Vision Pro mixed reality headset, RipX allows you to physically step inside your audio project.”

From the very start, Hit’n’Mix has aimed high with its goal to evolve digital audio workstation technology. Where others rest on conventions, they continuously seek advancement. Transporting the acclaimed RipX DAW to Apple’s groundbreaking Vision Pro is another industry-shaking leap that will drive the creation of music, further and further ahead.

“By blurring lines between the real and the virtual, boundaries of what’s possible are shattered. Musical worlds can now be traversed physically as well as numerically. With more freedom and control than ever over sound, a new era of boundless inspiration is on the horizon. The magic has only just begun.”

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