New Atlas – Feb 2024

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“Producing music these days can be something of a flat experience, undertaken using powerful software running on a computer. With the sales launch of the Apple Vision Pro, DAW maker Hit’n’Mix is planning to immerse musicians in their creations.

“Of course the headset can also be used as a virtual computer monitor, and some creators and musicians have started to serve up digital audio workstations (DAW) through the Vision Pro. But at the moment that essentially just replicates the kind of two-dimensional views you’d see on a laptop or computer screen. UK software company Hit’n’Mix has more immersive plans for its AI-powered RipX DAW.”

“The plan is to present MIDI and audio as editable notes, chords and unpitched sounds instead of waveforms – all accessible via hand gestures. Instruments are placed at different distances from the headset-wearing creator, with notes and layers color coded for clarity and ease of use. The tracks can be laid out in front, or exploded to fill the space so users can walk inside the melody as it plays, tweaking as they go.”

“The suite will reportedly include the world’s first audio separation sampler, which will allow users to rip songs into layers, make modifications and “re-perform with a controller into a new or existing layer.” Single-click effects are available, there’s support for importing VST instruments, it will be able to import ideas from AI music generators for manipulation, note/chord recognition is cooked in to help musicians learn song parts, and a user’s preferred background images can be loaded in “to set the mood.”

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