Magnetic mag – March 2024

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“By allowing users to interact with music hands-on, this tool goes beyond traditional methods, creating a closer bond with the music. It’s not just for making music but also for learning and collaborating, showing its wide range of uses.”

“The launch of RipX DAW for Apple Vision Pro is a big step in developing music production tools. This release promises a new level of creativity and expression, offering more immersive musical experiences. As we look forward to its release, the connection between technology and creativity grows, shaping a future where music production is not just about sound but also about the environment it’s created in.”

“The first thing one notices is the clarity with which notes and pitches of different instruments interact. Especially when the music is exploding around you, you get a sense of knowing the audio much more intimately than possible.”

“There is also a sense of accessibility – peeking around notes to view and manipulate what is behind and being able to just look at them and tap your fingers to select and play feels effortless.”

“Plus, it is essential to remember that you can stay connected to your music wherever you feel most inspired and relaxed – a hotel room, the park, even traveling – and all on a giant 3D screen.”

“Virtual reality generally describes a closed-in world. However, with RipX DAW and Apple Vision Pro, the screens and music are placed in your physical world, and you can see and communicate with people around you.”

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