Mix mag – Aug 2021

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“The technology in DeepAudio is miraculous.”

“It goes beyond any other software that I’m aware of for editing the component parts of a mixed audio file.”

“Having a separate Layer for the kick drum can be extremely handy if you’re trying to rebalance or move elements in a mixed file. I’ve tried other applications that offer audio separation, and none put the kick on a separate layer.”

“In addition to letting you raise, lower, pan and EQ each Layer, DeepAudio offers an impressive collection of editing and processing options.”

Mastering engineers will likely find uses for DeepAudio. In particular, they’ll appreciate its ability to adjust elements that are too loud or soft.”

“If you’re deep into sound design or audio restoration, it could be a real boon.”

“DeepAudio also offers corrective tools, including Noise Removal, Clean Phase and Clean Frequencies.”

Powerful software for editing inside a stereo mix.”

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