Sound & Recording mag Japan – July 2021

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Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.7 has been upgraded and reborn as RipX DeepAudio. RipX DeepAudio is a Mac/Windows software that splits a full ‘mixed’ stereo WAV or MP3 file into layers of voices, drums, bass, sound effects, guitars, keyboards, and so on.”

“The Audioshop® Deep Editing Tools allows you to adjust the pitch, time stretch, and replace instruments. In addition, it supports editing sibilant and unpitched sounds, and provides access to amplitude, frequency and phase information.”

“It also includes a harmonic editor that can control overtones, noise removal, and other editing functions. There is also a RipLink plug-in to work with AVID Pro Tools and other software. It also supports RipScripts written in the Python programming language.”

The audio store and harmonic editor are based on these RipScripts. In addition, RipX DeepAudio users can get the DeepRemix module for free.”

DeepRemix provides real-time effects, and when you apply an effect during loop playback, it records the variation of the changeThe results can be played back, edited, or cut and pasted anywhere you want.”

If the scale of the song is set and detected, the pitch of the notes in the selected layer can be automatically adjusted to the scale. The DeepRemix module will be released as a stand-alone product, RipX DeepRemix.”

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