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Overlay Selected Rips

Simple script which overlays the Rips selected in the Rip panel with the current rip.

This is useful when you want to create a single rip from multiple ripped stems, and ensures they are aligned correctly.

Category: n/a

Version 1.0 (4th April 2023)

Copy Rip And Set Tempo

Simple script which makes a copy of the current rip with a fixed tempo, without time stretching.

Tempo can be set within code.

Category: n/a

Version 1.01 (24th July 2020)

Loop Selection

Loop note & percussion selection to consecutive bars.

Category: Tools

Version 1.04 (9th February 2022)


Quantizes notes to the pentatonic scale.

Category: Effects

Version 1.01 (31st July 2019)