Hit’n’Mix Infinity Launched

Hit’n’Mix Infinity, the note-based audio editor, has been officially launched today.

Using TrueSource technology, it is capable of separating full mix tracks into individual, fully editable notes.

Access with surgical precision the harmonics, frequencies, amplitudes, phase and panning that characterize them, and edit audio in a highly visual and tactile note-based environment.

Included are tools such as Audioshop, Draw Pitch, Infinity Scale, Chord Creator and Note Editor, making it possible to discover new creative ideas such as:

  • Vocal Transplanting – replacing an instrumental phrase with a vocal phrase that has the exact same pitches & timing
  • Creating Timbral Fades, for example, fading a note between two instruments
  • Building suspense with an infinite glissando (slide)

Many of these tools are RipScripts. These are based on the easy and popular Python 3 programming language. It is possible to write your own RipScripts with the built-in RipScript Editor featuring auto-completion and pop-up descriptions of functions.

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