Bonedo mag Germany – Oct 2020

“For a long time now, Infinity 4.7 has been a tool in the audio sector that actually leaves your mouth open at some points

“What is offered here can already be described as Photoshop for audio

“Vocal harmonies sound very realistic

“Correcting harmonies in recordings afterwards is very easy

Easily change individual notes of a recording”

Unique change of timbre

“Mashups and remixes in minutes

“It gets really creative when you make use of the function that allows you to replace the notes of a recording with another instrument, as it were with a MIDI clip

“The way in which the pitch and length of audio files can be changed effortlessly, and in remarkable quality, and how the timbre of a recording can be changed almost magically with a few clicks of the mouse, opens up completely new dimensions in sound design.”

Read the full review (in German) HERE.

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