RipX 5.1.0 Update

We are pleased to announce the imminent release of RipX 5.1.0, featuring the following enhancements to the DeepRemix and DeepAudio modules:

Since v5.0.3


  • Improvements to vocal separation
  • Improvements to bass and drums/percussion separation
  • Improved kick and snare drum separation
  • Faster high-quality processing speeds
  • Simpler with only 3 speed/quality settings
  • Fixed issue when ripping multiple tracks at once could cause one or more to be incomplete
  • Mac only: WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE WAV files now open correctly


  • Stopping playback no longer updates the cursor

Bug Fixes

  • Windows: Fixed issue with RipX locating Tcl/Tk when another app has installed a different version

Since v5.0.0


  • Mac: Fixed horizontal scroll direction when using conventional mouse wheel
  • Mac: Korean and Chinese fonts now supported


  • Audioshop:
    • Edit Unpitched Tool: Auto contrast now shows more detail
  • Set Tempo:
    • Now includes (default) button to set Tempo for whole Rip.
  • Noise Removal:
    • Now includes ‘Transfer To New Layer’ option for Foreground Noise removal – useful for cleaning up layers, transferring breath and other such sounds from one layer to another
  • RipScript API:
    • SliceRange and Slice volume now set correctly when currently silent
    • Fixed issue with Bar copying
  • Replace Sound:
    • No longer replaces unpitched sound with pitched sound
  • Harmonic Editor:
    • Shows a message when clicking on a group of notes, to the effect that on a single note will be shown
  • Chord Creator:
    • Shows message when clicking on a note that does not belong to the selected key


  • ARA plug-in now works with Cubase Pro/Nuendo 11.0.30 and later
  • ARA plug-in now shows a message if not attached with ARA access (e.g. as VST only)
  • ARA plug-in now works correctly when audio section is not at start of track
  • ARA plug-in no longer re-rips sections that have already been processed by RipX, so that it is much easier to work with the RipLink applied to multiple sections of audio
  • Updated RipLink VST3/ARA2 and External Sample Editor instructions in user guide


  • MP3s now exported at 320kbps (was 192kbps)
  • Added ‘MIDI Notes’ export option, that saves MIDI files containing fixed pitch and volume notes, for importing into music notation software


  • Better quality Piano & Guitar layers by using more audio from the Other layer
  • Multiple Instrument ripping now handles longer track durations on machines with less RAM
  • Fixed issues with non-ASCII characters existing in Windows usernames and audio file names
  • Now works correctly on macOS 10.12 (and earlier? – untested)
  • Added options to File>Preferences…/RipX>Preferences… for setting where stems and rips are output
  • Fixed issue with ripping failing when dragging on additional files to rip
  • Miscellaneous fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Play buttons now active in DeepPlayer (unactivated RipX)

6 thoughts on “RipX 5.1.0 Update

  1. Phil says:

    I love this software! I’m hoping there are plans to make unpitched sound feel less like an unwelcomed guest. It feels like an afterthought, being hidden away in a separate section of the interface with a limited set of tools for manipulation. If you get that part going, RipX could become a replacement for audio editors like iZotope RX and SpectraLayers. I would be thrilled to ditch those apps and do everything within RipX.

    It doesn’t seem necessary that a layer with a repeating bass drum sample occupying 50k–75k needs to be edited as unpitched sound… could it just appear as a range of pitches instead of the raw spectral data? It would be so nice to see the rhythm of my song on the same screen as the melody.

    I’m happy to provide more feedback on this.

    1. hitnmix admin says:

      Hi Phil, thanks for your feedback. Kick and Snare drums should appear as separate objects at the bottom of the screen showing melody. We’d love to hear what tools you’d like to see in the Unptiched Sound screen – please send us an email to [email protected]. Thanks 🙂

    1. hitnmix admin says:

      A click track could be opened as a separate rip with barlines marked out automatically (manual adjustment is also possible). Then a RipScript could adjust the duration of each bar in another rip to have the same duration as each in the click track. If you require further assistance, please email [email protected]. Thanks 🙂

  2. Tobin says:

    I’m a few days into the 5-day trial, and I’m almost certainly going to buy it, because it’s fantastic. ONE thing is that there doesn’t appear to be a way to change time-signatures mid-song, or even change the ENTIRE thing to anything except 3:4. Lots of songs have time signature changes. I was just working on Johnny Cash “Ring of Fire” which changes from 4:4 to 3:4 and back throughout the song. Also “Me And Julio Down By the Schoolyard”, which is 4:4 but has occasional bars of 2:4. In both cases, there’s nothing you can really do to make it line up.

    1. Tobin says:

      update: figured out how to set the main time signature, so if the entire song is a waltz, that’s no problem. Still no luck with figuring out how to change time sig mid-song.


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