Music Radar – Oct 2023

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“To justify the “AI DAW” tag, Hit’n’Mix are positioning RipX as a DAW that’s uniquely prepared to assist those working with samples produced by by AI music generators like Stable Audio and MusicLM. “

“Until now, Hit’n’Mix’s RipX software has been advertised as an audio editor and stem separation tool packaged in three different versions. Today, Hit’n’Mix has scrapped its previous iterations and announced that RipX is to be relaunched as a fully-fledged DAW.”

Whereas DAWs like Logic and Ableton will delineate between audio and MIDI data, RipX converts both of these formats into the proprietary Rip Audio format using its advanced stem separation capabilities, letting you manipulate audio files in the same way you might edit MIDI parts.”

Load in the audio file of a mixed track containing multiple instruments, for example, and this will be split into separate parts that can then be individually tweaked and edited on a note-by-note basis as if they were separate MIDI instruments. Individual timbres within mixed audio files can even be swapped out and replaced with new instruments or processed individually via RipX’s built-in effects.”

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