– Jan 2024

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“The name RipX can be taken at face value, as the DAW quite literally rips apart existing audio files through high-quality stem separation. We’ve covered services like that before, but none of them held a candle to the feature-rich audio editing interface offered by Hit’n’Mix.”

Hit’n’Mix has moved the goal post further down the field, with MIDI transcription quality that rivals even the most advanced product in the field, Melodyne 5. For years, Celemony’s Autotune plugin was the only real option for visualizing and manipulating polyphonic harmonies. Their $699 price point on Melodyne looks insane now, compared to the one-time $99 cost of RipX.”

Combining the RipX DAW with AI music generation software may be the single most popular use cases on social media. This is probably due in part to the massive wave of interest in AI tools and the fact that several RipX features are powered by artificial intelligence.”

“Founded in 2009, Hit’n’Mix has been delivering music production software for years. It’s great to see a company like this spread its wings and find a competitive edge over some of the other household brand names.”

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  1. Geometry Dash World says:

    I’ve been struggling with stem separation for ages, and Melodyne always felt like a distant dream. If RipX really delivers on both fronts, it could be a game-changer for producers and remixers like myself.


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