RipX DAW for Apple Vision Pro

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Coming Soon. Immerse yourself in spatial music production with RipX DAW and the reality-shifting Apple Vision Pro.

Imagine: A 3D display sits before you. All audio, whether live recorded, MIDI or stem separated, is presented as fully editable notes, with instruments distinguished by distance. This is a DAW unlike any other. No waveforms in sight, just pure sound as you hear it.

Then explode the music to fill your room. Walk around and interact with melody while it plays through you, just like it’s really there. This is a new way to create and enjoy sound that needs to be experienced to be believed.

Get lost in the music.

“One of the key advantages of working with audio in RipX DAW, is its ability to visualise the partials within a stem. Bringing this functionality to the Apple Vision Pro creates space for these and adds another level of immersion for artists wishing to explore audio with the latest technology. In the future, collaborating in shared virtual spaces will be common.“
Plaid – Feb 2024

Apple Vision Pro Videos

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* Features subject to change, omission or evolution before release

10 thoughts on “RipX DAW for Apple Vision Pro

  1. annode says:

    Sorry, I own the Meta Quest 3. Apple will never reach 1 million sales, why did you go with Apple?

    1. metroknowm says:

      because it does things that meta quest 3 does not, and will never do. in addition, they are designing for a unified OS UX which happens to be mac-based.

  2. Stanton says:

    I’m a RipX Pro owner, and really stoked to see this! I do some work with binaural audio and already have an immersive workflow of sorts for managing some of it in VR (actually most of it). As a Cubase user I also have some immersive options, but it would be AMAZING to get your stuff in there since it’s such a visceral process already. Please add me to your list if you plan to do a TestFlight, I would be happy to add my long time technical skills and testing experience to the Mix (sorry, I had to do it ;))

  3. Clarke McMurray says:

    The Vision Pro is a niche within a niche. Hand tracking for applications like this is also a novelty. Most YouTubers have already sent their overpriced click-baits back by now.

    There will be a “whoa neat” moment for a while, until the user soon goes back to more accurate and reliable input methods that do not require waving one’s arms all over the place for an hours-long session. I think Vision Pro support is a massive waste of time and resources for a growing company. Netflix and YouTube are not even making applications for it.

    This is not a “sour grapes” response. Even though I have a Quest 3, I have no interest in using hand tracking for a DAW and would likely not even use the Quest with this software even if available. I have used DAWs for thousands of hours, I can not even imagine trying to use one with hand tracking, even though I do use hand tracking for other things.

    I have a feeling someone on your dev team has a Vision Pro. Please consider the majority of your customers instead of the tens of people who would own both a VP and your software.

    1. David Dawe says:

      One of the most significant features of Vision Pro is that it uses eye tracking, and you can leave your hands where they are to select items, drag etc…

    2. metroknowm says:

      you make valid points.

      the usability of a VR or AR execution for music production greatly depends on the specifics of the functionality of the components in the UX. i can see many valid use cases for creating music in a 3d space, especially as a professional drummer.

      editing: i absolutely want to be able to manipulate notes with more than one point-and-click device at once. this will require the most work to land on functional levels of discreetness while maintaining workflow velocity.

      performance: the most possibilities live here. the primary keys will be latency, sensitivity, and accuracy. similarly to how i perform on a drum kit, or a keyboard, or a 64-note pad controller, much is possible here. in fact, a very well done AR drum kit exists already (check out aerodrums dot com).

  4. Ac says:

    Apple pro is a no go not many people have it. If u want to actually sell this u must go with Quest..🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. Jason Davenport says:

    I am super excited to try this as I have a Vision Pro and use it almost exclusively for the monitor feature when using Logic… I’d really love to try your DAW out for Vision … please add me to your list – Amazing!

  6. slope says:

    Conceptually great but you’d definitely be getting lost in the music when have have no idea what midi note is actually being played in piano roll


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