Music Radar – June 2024

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One of the clearest implementations of a Vision Pro DAW comes via RipX DAW Pro from Hit’n’Mix. Founder Martin Dawe explains how the company landed in the VR space: “We were doing stem separation and audio editing, using our special ‘Rip’ audio format. It stores all the parts that you need to make waveforms; it’s a bit like MIDI, except it contains all the pitches and in-depth information like the timbre, phase level and panning.”

“This means you can do whatever you want with this audio. It’s always been in my mind that it would be best used on a kind of three dimensional interface, because you have the layers of the different instruments, which get hidden a bit on the 2D screen.” 

“Martin’s a great believer in the Vision Pro. “At the moment, the Quest seems more like a gaming device, while Apple seems keen to make the Vision Pro a true computing product – the passthrough is really good, for example. I made some other music products, and the Apple versions outsold the Android stuff tenfold. I’m impressed with the Vision Pro. It’s just going to get better, without a doubt, over the next few years until everyone’s going to be wearing them, and the price is actually not bad.”

“Dawe is also relatively unconcerned by the Vision Pro’s lack of connectivity. “I believe we are looking at an ultra-low latency wireless future and I suspect Apple will put a great deal of energy into making sure this works well.” 

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