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Using RipX to make the most out of AI Music Generation

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Welcome to the discussion! We look forward to hearing your experiences of AI Music Generation and using RipX to make the most of it, adding human creativity to the mix.

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Hey folks,


This type of capability is one of the main reasons I bought this software suite (that along with separating out stems on audio)..


I suspect that hitnmix will be able to custom train a generative model that does better than the big tech options by offering the customer base the option to help label in a reinforcement learning model.


I'm looking forward to playing around with the other sites like musiclm and riffusion but I would love to have a direct plugin in the ripx UI that allows a direct import and uses a few seconds of audio in the app as a prompt for the music generation model.


Let me know if you want to collaborate on such a thing.

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@josharmour Thanks for your feedback. It’s great to hear about how our customers are using RipX.

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