Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.5 Update

We are pleased to announce the imminent release of Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.5, featuring the following enhancements and bug fixes:

Importing & Exporting

  • macOS Only: import MP4, M4V, MOV, QT Apple QuickTime video files compatible with macOS Catalina and Final Cut Pro X. Edit audio, synced to video. Export MP4 and MOV files.
  • MIDI file export
  • MIDI file import
  • macOS Only: import non-DRM M4A, AAC files


  • Improved vocal/speech ripping for Voice ripper option (replaces Vocals)
  • Stereo panning information now stored per layer and harmonic for stereo playback improvements


  • Draw Pitch editing mode moved inside Audioshop RipScript
  • Right-click over rip opens/relocates Audioshop RipScript near pointer for quick access
  • Double-click on note opens it in Note Editor RipScript
  • Edit>Paste And Fit Tempo (Ctrl+Shift+V) now fits copied and pasted audio to the destination tempo/BPM.
  • BPM shown next to Rip in RipList during hover and barline dragging
  • Shows more beat marker divisions when zoomed in
  • Snap To Beat Markers option added to View menu. Applies to loop region, note selection, and note time dragging
  • Time bar added above rip and moved barline handles below rip
  • Pitch-zoom with click+drag over keyboard and Time-zoom with click+drag over time bar
  • Loop bar added for playing loops. Press L to loop current selection. Click and drag on the loop bar to mark a section. Click and drag on loop marked to move it, or edges to resize. Click outside loop to cancel loop.
  • Fixed paused at end of looped playback
  • Disabled auto-play on marking selection rectangles when notes are within the loop marker
  • Can now set musical scale for whole rip and also scale/key changes from starts of given bars.
  • Shares region below rip for barline edits so can easily add/edit key changes.
  • Auto detect scale (for minor and major keys)
  • Snap to Semitone Guides option added to View menu
  • Quantize Pitch, Correct Pitch and Flatten Pitch effects all mould to the semitones available in the current scale


  • Load waveform samples automatically (via ripping) using new button in the Instrument Palette
  • Audioshop uses snap to time and snap to pitch
  • Pure percussion samples now supported in Instrument Palette and Audioshop etc
  • Click without drag to draw whole sample in Audioshop Draw Instrument tool
  • Blue cursor when a RipScript has control of UI
  • Button at top of Audioshop toolbar to cancel tool
  • RipScripts now receive mouse and keyboard messages even when do not have control
  • Note Editor updated to not require control when selecting notes for editing
  • Stopped Audioshop cloning tool forgetting which note is being cloned after switching to another tool and back again
  • Now shows dB level under pointer in Note Editor
  • Added All, Selection, Loop options to Export.
  • Export now saves MIDI, MP4 and MOV (MP4 and MOV macOS only) files
  • File>Export checks for file existing and removes before attempting to export. Also supports Enter and Esc key presses
  • Audioshop opens up as a rectangle with several columns rather than a single strip.
  • Audioshop Replace Instrument, Cutter and Join tools added
  • Audioshop Draw Instrument and Replace Instrument tools now include local instrument palette drop down boxes for easy access
  • Instrument Palette now includes a Category drop down to handle support of more instruments easier. Categories are defined by individual Palette rips in the RipList which can be renamed or removed/loaded back as required.
  • Added Noise Removal RipScript for removing background and foreground noise from selected notes and unpitched sound, with a frequency range option
  • Chord Creator streamlined. No longer updates selected notes on startup. Key Detect button.
  • Inharmonicity slider added.
  • Improvements to SliceRange.mix_in() mean more accurate painting of timbre from one note to another in Note Editor.
  • Added Pitch Mapper to adjust pitch over a selection

User Interface

  • Updated Windows mouse pointers
  • Ctrl+Tab swaps between current and previous rip, also added item to View menu

Playback & Exporting

  • Added playback sample rate option to preferences
  • Runs the File>Export RipScript from the main File>Export item
  • Solo button in Instrument Panel


  • Revised manual
  • Revised Interactive Help

Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes

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