BBC News – Feb 2011

“A music technology firm in south-east London has developed a system for breaking music into its component parts. Hit ‘n’ Mix converts audio files into a proprietary .rip format.”

It is thought Hit ‘n’ Mix is the first piece of software that can disassemble music prior to editing

“Developers say it will enable users to create their own bedroom mash-ups, karaoke songs or modify their own music.”

“Mr Dawe demonstrated his software on the BBC News theme, breaking it down and reassembling it as a brand new musical track. The whole process took, he said, just over an hour.”

“This is all simple technology, you just need to discover it for yourself and get in there. Play with it, don’t bother watching television, just get on your laptop and create things; there are endless possibilities.”

Read the full news piece HERE.

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