AI Music Generation with RipX

AI music generation is a rapidly evolving tech that is able to automatically create fully mixed audio from a simple text-based description.

The quality can be impressive, but without RipX it may be difficult to get exactly what you want – parts of the melody may be great, but not the rhythm, or the instruments may not have quite the right sound.

RipX DeepCreate gives you control over AI music generation, taking it to the next level with real human touch and creativity!

RipX DeepAudioused by the biggest record labels worldwide for Dolby Atmos mixes – adds the power to surgically clean the audio, AI glitches and all.

Download and drop original music onto RipX created by one of the FREE online AI music generators below and it will separate out the instruments and individual notes, so you can pick and mix what you like, and discard what you don’t.

Remember that with RipX DeepCreate you can then:

  • Change the pitch, timing and duration of individual notes within the mix
  • Choose a different key
  • Swap out the instruments
  • Add your own effects with automation
  • Sample generated sounds and lay down a new part
  • Plus, with the RipX DeepAudio module you can even clean up unwanted noise and AI glitches

Generate & Rip AI Music, for Human Creativity with RipX

Here are links to our favorite AI music generators – they’re FREE to try, and quick and easy to use with RipX!

  1. Click the link
  2. Enter a description like “electronic dance with an edgy bassline and synth drops“, and wait a short time
  3. Click Download if you hear something you can work with, otherwise repeat the previous step
  4. Drop onto RipX and use the separated instruments and individual notes as you like, adjusting the key/timing/pitch/instrument; add effects and even mix with parts of other generated tracks, or hit Record to add your own MIDI and vocal/instrumental sections.

Please let us know how you get on in our forum!

This page will be updated regularly as the tech evolves, so feel free to Bookmark and Share!

Disclaimer: Hit’n’Mix Ltd is in no way affiliated with the owners of the above websites, which are provided for entertainment and information purposes only. Hit’n’Mix Ltd has no control over the content of the above sites or the audio they generate, and is not responsible for, and cannot be held liable for the content produced therein. By clicking the links, you agree that you use the above sites at your own risk and are to be held fully responsible in the event of any damages being sought for misuse. It is recommended that you read and understand each sites’ terms of service before use. It is important to remember that AI Generators may be trained on copyrighted material, and as such could create songs with similarities to existing music covered by copyright. Therefore it is important that the same checks be made for copyright infringement as with human creation of music before releasing publicly.

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