Stax Records

Grammy Award-Winning Mastering & Audio Restoration Engineer

Michael Graves – Osiris Studio

“De-mixing is where you take a recording, feed it through a processor, and hopefully end up with individual files for all of the elements of the recording; essentially generating multi-tracks from a mixed recording. The technology was fairly new at that point but I had used it on a Janis Joplin project a few months earlier with excellent results so I thought I’d give it a try. My favorite de-mixing tool currently is Hit’n’Mix’s RipX DAW PRO. To my ears it’s the most transparent processor of this type.”

Read the full interview over on the Osiris Studio website HERE.

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  1. Traffic Jam 3D says:

    Thanks for sharing this glimpse into the world of de-mixing! It’s definitely sparked my curiosity about the possibilities this technology holds for remixing, remastering, and even understanding music in new ways.


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