Magnetic mag – Nov 2023

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AI will be invaluable to anyone who wants to make music and knows what they like but lacks the time or skillsets to achieve their creative ambitions due to circumstances beyond their control. Entering a text description and being presented with various creative musical suggestions can be a nice way to kick-start a project.

“For those already with a seat at the mixing desk, AI can speed up music production by reducing trial and error. Having original musical ideas automatically presented to you is a great source of inspiration and a great cure for writer’s block, especially if you have a deadline!”

Rip Audio is what our RipX products are based on and allows unique and powerful in-the-mix editing of audio. I was thinking, this could change everything – you might one day be able to listen to your favourite songs remixed in whatever style you like… And perhaps you could even say how you want to feel, and the music is adapted automatically!”

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