DTM Japan – June 2021

[Translated from Japanese]

Hit’n’Mix Infinity, a magical audio editor, has been completely redesigned. RipX DeepAudio and DeepRemix change the common sense of DTM.”

A completely new audio editor that appeared like a comet last spring. It shocked the world of music production by realizing the magical thing that can be edited as it is, which is unbelievable.”

It’s amazing because it doesn’t handle multi-track data, but takes out vocals from a two-mixed song and creates a chorus.”

Now, many people are wondering how much difference the disassembled results have compared to the SpectraLayers Pro 7 and RX8. So, I tried arranging some of Kotori Koiwai’s vocals that I took out by disassembling “Hare no Chi ☆ Kotori ♪”, so please compare them. I will refrain from talking about the superiority and inferiority here, but RipX is producing pretty good results, isn’t it?”

Once again, I’m just amazed at the recent evolution of AI. It seems that we can do various things that were not possible before.”

Read the full review (in Japanese) HERE.

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