Recording mag – Oct 2021

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“RipX DeepAudio is the best audio separation I have heard to date for sure.”

“If you’re in the market for a powerful audio separation tool for remixing or DJing or simply desire a new tool for inspiration to get you out of your same old habits, check out RipX: DeepAudio.”

“Stuck in the same old grooves? Rip em’ up…the possibilities are endless. It’s an easy and powerful tool for a multitude of uses, and I am overall impressed.”

“Anybody who has mixed a live recording understands you can only do so much with high-frequency cymbal bleed. I ran the vocal track through DeepAudio and did some tweaking, and I was impressed! It is a handy and powerful tool for sound cleanup and restoration.”

“Say you are trying to learn a tricky part of a song. The separation capabilities allow you to focus on each instrumental part in greater detail, making RipX: DeepAudio a great practice and learning tool.”

It builds on what made Hit’n’Mix Infinity so useful and powerful, upgrading it with workflow improvements, audio separation, and added processing capabilities.”

“There are also powerful pitch quantization features that remind me of Melodyne for vocal tuning.”

“Click on the dice icon, and it will completely randomize every one of these effects for unpredictable results. There is a lot of fun to be had here!”

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