RipX 5.2.5 Update

We are pleased to announce the imminent release of RipX 5.2.5, featuring the following enhancements to the DeepRemix and DeepAudio modules:

Since v5.2.1


  • Mac only: Now fully native for Apple Silicon (M1 etc) – up to 2x faster ripping speeds!
  • Mac only: Focus correctly set in Export, Change Tempo and other RipScript windows, so you can type straightaway without clicking on the edit box
  • Mac only: Python language version upgraded to 3.9
  • Windows only: If choose the root of a drive as a Rips or Stems folder, now functions correctly
  • Added How To… section to manual covering common tasks
  • Various bug fixes


  • Percussion now displayed and editable as ‘blobs’ like drums and kick drums.
  • Stops playing properly when clicking on background of rip to stop full playback of selected notes
  • Sets cursor correctly when clicking on background of rip to cancel note selection
  • Faster application of live effects and repairs
  • Mac: Notes no longer visibly stutter when applying live effects and repairs
  • Fixed slider position for some effects that cannot be applied to unpitched audio, when unpitched audio is selected
  • Fixed issue with apparently un-selectable notes after dragging a large number of them
  • Harmony Effects can now be rendered using Audio>Render Adjustments & Effects. This allows you to quickly create harmonies, and then edit the harmony component further.
  • Better Unpitched Tool auto-contrast
  • Shows time range at bottom-right of screen for whole drum/percussion blob when hovering over one (previously just showed for part of it)


  • If Rips Output Folder is changed during ripping, ripping now completes successfully with the rip file in the newly chosen destination.
  • Fixed temporary file removal.
  • Improved progress bar accuracy
  • Improved kick & snare drum recognition
  • Fixed an issue where canceling ripping for a file could cause other files not to complete ripping


  • Fixed incorrect note tuning for MIDI Notes option (introduced in v5.2.1)
  • Now exports Kick Drum, Drums and Percussion blobs in MIDI files. Only newly ripped tracks will include Percussion and it is recommended to re-rip for improved kick and drums recognition.
  • Now stores tempo map in MIDI files

2 thoughts on “RipX 5.2.5 Update

  1. thomas says:

    just downloaded ripx both versions and neither loads on my M1 MACBOOK AIR with 8gb memory.


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