Motion Picture Sound Editors – Wavelength – Dec 2021

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“I have used music separation tools in the past and have never been happy with the results. Recently, I was introduced to RipX DeepAudio from Hit’n’Mix and was completely blown away by the results.”

The separation of the drums and bass in particular were fantastic. The vocal stem was clean enough to futz to match the production audio in the scene.”

“With virtually no learning curve, I was able to create usable stems within minutes that saved the mix.”

“The Rip format contains all the ingredients required to regenerate notes and pitched/unpitched sound—and until play or export is clicked, no waveform exists. Storing audio in this way makes it incredibly dynamic and you can do an amazing array of edits, with detail never before possible.”

“I have only just scratched the surface of what the software can do and am duly impressed with what it can do and is worth taking for a spin.”

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