RipX 5.2.6 Update

We are pleased to announce the imminent release of RipX 5.2.6, featuring the following enhancements to the DeepRemix and DeepAudio modules:

Since v5.2.5


  • Can now set musical scale when Barlines not shown from View>Barlines
  • No longer incorrectly shows ‘Mixed Scales’ just because there have been more than one scale changes on different bars (it should only be shown when there are different scale changes for different layers within a single bar)


  • Fixed low level buzzing that could sometimes be present in separated audio when source is  silent
  • Fixed issue with ripping not completing on tracks of certain durations
  • Windows only: When using Save Stems Only, no longer expands folders in left side of Explorer when it opens.
  • Windows only: Now rips filenames with a space at the end


  • Now correctly exports Rips longer than around 40 mins
  • Reports an error if cannot save a WAV file due to the duration, sample rate and bit depth exceeding the maximum possible file size.
  • MIDI file drum/percussion export fixed to work with Logic Pro
  • Fixed bug where an incorrect and invalid pitch could be written to a MIDI file
  • Fixed bug where some effects may not be applied correctly when exporting
  • Fixed bug where a crash could occur when applying affects and system out of memory


  • Fixed issue where master/layer stereo position was not set correctly when rip loaded
  • ARA: Fix for Studio One for updating changes
  • Mac Apple Silicon only: Made more 3rd party libraries Apple Silicon native, to support more features when Rosetta not installed, including importing MP3s and exporting Stem files.

3 thoughts on “RipX 5.2.6 Update

  1. rothstudio says:

    RipX 5.2.5 doesn’t work on my system anymore, what can I do ?
    Mac OSX 11.6.4

  2. EricLee says:

    Is there any way, I can get old version of RipX 5.2.6 for Mac Pls?


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