Amazona (Germany) – Sep 2022

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A revolution for remixers, musicians and music teachers.”

Unique concept, versatile, requires little training time, export as MIDI and audio, Stem/Layer export, numerous editing options & upgrade to DeepAudio for even more possibilities.”

“What RipX DeepRemix and DeepAudio can do was unimaginable just a short time ago. Separating audio signals from a complex mix has taken a quantum leap forward.”

“I was able to successfully edit live recordings myself, for example to hear an instrumental part. If you use the complete range of processing, good to very good results are actually possible. If you just want to isolate or mute an instrument for music lessons or practice at home, this works very well for bass, vocals and drums.”

The price-performance ratio is fantastic in the case of RipX DeepRemix, because the manufacturer currently charges just 63 euros (regularly 85 euros) for the software. Similar editing tools like Melodyne are more limited and cost significantly more.”

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