RipX DAW for Sampling – Part One

Download Free RipX DAW PRO Trial

Create stems from any sample or song, then detect and view the key and tempo

Change the pitch and key of monophonic and polyphonic samples, even randomise them

Change the tempo and group, slice, chop, reverse, re-order and time-stretch samples from multiple rips to transform them into something new

Extract sounds as samples from any ripped song by right clicking a note, saving it to the Sound Panel and transforming or blending it with existing sounds using the slider

Export stems and create MIDI files from any instrument part

Sample and improve upon the results of AI Music Generators

When it comes to RipX DAW, sampling is obviously only one use case but is symbiotic with both AI (sampling AI Music) and Education (deconstructing parts to learn them/use them in other musical contexts appropriately). Find out more about how you can use RipX DAW to learn parts to any song HERE.

By upgrading to RipX DAW PRO, you are also able to further clean-up and transform your samples. Part Two with more sampling tips and tricks using RipX DAW coming soon…

Download Free RipX DAW PRO Trial Learn About RipX DAW Learn About RipX DAW PRO

Disclaimer: Screenshots are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to be indicative of recommended or authorized use.

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