Cover Band Central – April 2022

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We’ve tried other programs, but none have come close to the accuracy and ease of RipX.”

“We can’t say enough about how much we love this program. It has significantly reduced the time we used to spend learning and practicing songs, creating backing tracks to add extra depth to live shows, and playing around and manipulating our favorite songs.”

“RipX is not just for creating backing tracks. As a practice tool, or an easy way to learn songs, this app is second to none.”

“Having a difficult time hearing the bass part? Simply play back the song with the bass track soloed and hear every note and nuance with utter clarity. Want to rehearse your vocals with just the instruments on playback? A quick click and you’re golden.”

“This is an especially valuable tool for learning difficult musical passages such as fast, note-heavy guitar solos.”

“Both RipX DeepRemix and DeepAudio are incredibly affordable. Once you get playing, you won’t want to stop!”

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