Guitar Interactive Mag – June 2022

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“Hit’n’Mix scoff at the laws of audio engineering, and have just produced a piece of software that can “un-bake” the cake: RipX.”

“It’s available as two versions: the super-pro DeepAudio that allows you an absolutely insane level of audio tinkering, and the more musician-friendly – DeepRemix.”

“RipX DeepRemix is an immensely powerful piece of software that promises big things, and delivers on them all. If you’re a remixer, a producer, a musician who gigs with backing tracks, or even just a guitar player who wants to learn songs by isolating guitar parts, you can file RipX under “must-have“.

“Ever wondered what Metallica would sound like if they were all playing Oberheim synths? RipX is here, egging you on to try.

“Honestly, it feels a bit like witchcraft.”

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1 thought on “Guitar Interactive Mag – June 2022

  1. Jim Beasley says:

    It would be quite interesting if you would add a “hum” layer, Martin.
    This might become competitive in the noise reduction, film editing realm, if you introduced a few tools. A few tools I’m using are Brusfri (Klevgrand), RX10 (iZotope), and Clarity vs Pro (Waves). RX10 (I don’t own this latest version) is $299 per my shopping cart on their site. I imagine that some of this work has already been done by you or your team (serious detection of non-pitched, non-note material); but since I’m just now exploring Deep Remix and haven’t purchased other products, I don’t know if Deep Audio currently has ways to isolate and separate or remove noise, or unwanted artifacts. Deep Remix does a fairly good job on its own, but its possible Deep Audio could be a good fit for me already.


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