Mixdown – June 2022

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As mysterious as it is impressive.”

“The ability to digitally isolate, locate, and draw out specific instruments from within a busy master track (and to do so with proper accuracy and limited artefacts or spill), has been something of a holy grail for crate diggers and sample fanatics ever since the beginning of the DAW revolution.”

“For over 10 years Hit’n’Mix have been on the forefront of refining this kind of technology and it shows in the attention to detail and impressive processing power of their latest offering.”

“The RipX package may well be the most powerful and best suited tool for this kind of processing we’ve come across, I mean there is some serious voodoo going on here.”

“Unlike anything we’ve really seen before, reverse engineering tracks regardless of source quality and providing clean, usable results on an incredibly consistent basis.”

“The accuracy and intuition with which it was able to discern one instrument from the next was really quite remarkable, and its ability to predict intended tempo and pitch (of what was in reality quite a ramshackle and poorly executed performance) was something to behold.”

“The ability to draw out said MIDI information from complete stereo masters and inherently know which instrument it is assigned to is a very powerful tool.”

“Perhaps the true beauty of RipX DeepAudio and DeepRemix is how its usefulness transcends regardless of application.”

“For me personally, the ability to just be able to chuck a track into RipX and pull out a passable multitrack to drink beers to is more than worth the cost of entry.”

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