Sound On Sound mag – April 2023

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For remix projects and stem unmixing, the best is now even better.

DeepCreate is fundamentally different from any other software-based recording environment I’ve ever encountered. That’s not necessarily a bad thing — it’s good to have your sense of ‘normal’ challenged. DeepCreate brings audio and MIDI‑based recording to RipX in an interesting and novel fashion. The somewhat unconventional workflow — and consequent unconventional sonic results — can easily be seen as a distinct positive.”

Plenty of creative sound‑design possibilities. The Sounds panel offers the rather intriguing ability to both drag sounds from a layer to add them to the Sound panel catalogue or to use sounds from within the panel to replace sounds within existing layers. The ability to import sounds from a VST instrument plug-in is triggered via a new button on the Sounds panel’s label strip, which opens up a dialogue box containing four steps. This is a cool new option.”

“RipX’s effects processing options, including the effects preset system, options for effect combos, and the automation lanes, now take on a refreshing role in processing your own recordings. “

The current version also brings useful improvements within RipX’s selection tools, zoom options and ability to detect the tempo of imported audio.”

DeepRemix remains the most impressive stem separation tool currently on the market and Hit’n’Mix have pushed that module further with the additional guitar/piano option now offered. I tried this on a few commercial tracks and the results were generally impressive.”

The remixer community, who received the RipX/DeepRemix combination with plenty of enthusiasm, will welcome the additional options that DeepCreate offers for putting their own stamp on a remix project. Second, those coming new to the wonderful world of multitrack (multi-layer) recording, and without a history with conventional DAWs, will not experience any sort of workflow dislocation; RipX could become their ‘norm’. Third, I can easily see sound designers with an experimental streak having a lot of fun exploring the DeepRemix/DeepCreate combination.”

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