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“A great learning and practice tool.”
The best audio separation I have heard to date for sure.
Recording mag – October 2021

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RipX DeepRemix is cutting edge audio separation software that splits MP3s and other music formats into individual instruments & notes, including guitar/keyboard, drums, bass and vocals.

For musicians, this really opens up the world of learning and practicing songs!

Listen to & learn parts stripped from your favorite tracks:

  • See & play notes on a beautifully animated piano roll.
  • Play along to the songs you love the most, by removing instruments for a quick backing track, all at the click of a button.
  • Click individual notes to hear them played back, even those making up chords.
  • View the note pitch on the keyboard at the left of the screen and printed at the bottom left.
  • Slow down tempo to hear fast note and chord changes more easily.
  • Loop sections of music to help learn by ear through repetition.

To set the right mood when picking or strumming, you can also drop your own background image (PNG or JPEG) onto the display.

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RipX DeepRemix, DeepCreate & DeepAudio Offer So Much More!

If you are a Songwriter, DJ, Remixer, Music Producer, Sound Designer or Arranger, there is so much more that RipX DeepRemix, DeepCreate your creative companion, and the pro sound surgeon DeepAudio module have to offer. Find out more below.

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Buy RipX DeepRemix ($99) $69 Try Free for 21 Days