MusicTech mag – Sep 2020

fix audio

“It’s undeniably impressive, and not just conceptually: the level of accuracy when detailing specific parts or voice leading is staggering.”

“It’s all clean, concise, and a cut above similar instances of audio editing we’ve seen elsewhere.”

“You might compare the alarmingly sophisticated technology of Infinity to Dolly the cloned sheep. It’s audio-twisting potential will prove a boon to those working in sound design, while DAW users will benefit from the ability to link Infinity to their host package, mangling audio from outside their host before reimporting it back in.”

“This thing can tackle each and every fact of audio manipulation with extraordinary coherence. It’s the best kind of music technology. Consider our jaws on the floor.

Read the full review HERE and learn how to use Hit’n’Mix Infinity to fix audio, remove sound, create remixes and mashups.

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