Bedroom Producers Blog – Nov 2022

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A unique platform blurring the line between audio and MIDI.”

“DeepCreate brings the series full circle as a complete music-making package.”

“Whether you work exclusively in DeepCreate, or in tandem with your DAW, the highly visual workspace might feel more intuitive for many users.”

“DeepCreate aims to provide a workflow with very few rules.”

“You could turn a vocal line into a synth line just as easily as changing MIDI instruments/sounds in your DAW. The fluidity of DeepCreate also allows you to blend elements in creative ways you’d struggle to do in a DAW.”

“It also features an impressive selection of creative effects, which you can perhaps use with more freedom than you’d conventionally expect.”

“I’m sure DeepCreate will continue to evolve and remove boundaries as it strives for complete creative freedom.”

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