TechRaver – Nov 2022

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“RipX offers a faster workflow and may be preferred over standard DAWs for quick tasks such as creating Acapella and backing tracks, removing vocals and noise, pitch shifting, changing audio tempo, time signature, key and adding effects such as compression, vibrato, delay and reverb.”

“At first glance, RipX’s graphical user interface seems far less cluttered and a lot more colourful compared to Melodyne. It looks more visually appealing and dare I say offers a smoother workflow, so much so, we could swap Melodyne for RipX and not hear the difference.”

“You can also see all notes appear on the piano roll as songs play, which is great for learning a practicing parts to any song and recording in your own takes of any part. Especially if you can’t find sheet music to certain songs.”

“You can even rip and store any VST3 preset in the Sound Panel and record new tracks with them.

The advent of AI has really ramped up innovation in the music production space. RipX is yet another great tool that can help you make short work of tasks deemed suitable for DAWs only.”

“It is more lightweight, quicker, and easier to use than many DAWs out there. We really liked the ease-of-use and will use it again for tasks which are less intensive and certainly not require full production abilities of a DAW.”

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